AIESEC / AIESEC Alumni Mentoring launched!

AIESEC alumni mentoring program has been set up for young alumni jointly by AIESEC France and AIESEC Alumni France.

Current AIESECers and those who just finished their experience in AIESEC are mostly finishing or have finished their masters studies in management. At this point, each one of them could benefit from the experience and guidance of an alumnus who has already lived a strong professional experience.

Our joint mentoring program is targeting both sides, current AIESECers and the new generation in their first 5 years after AIESEC and the more experienced alumni, by offering them a platform to find each other while also providing a matching service between mentee and mentor.


for AIESECers and young alumni:

  • learn from professional experience
  • self development
  • defining needs for a professional career
  • after AIESEC life
  • support for its startup

for experienced alumni:

  • sharing experience
  • perspective of AIESEC today
  • developing young potentials
  • high impact

Join us at AAF to benefit from the program!

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