Join AIESEC Alumni France and contribute to new programs!

Dear AIESEC alumni,

You have been a large number of Alumni to join us on social networks and to contribute to our kick-off efforts in 2011 and 2012; the strength and the efficiency of our network belong to you.

2013 will see the kick-off of new activities that will consolidate the professional activities that we will develop with and for you.

These activities will be launched in coordination with AAI at next AAIM to be organized in Serbia on February 22 to 24.

We need your support by your presence in our events and by your personal implication in preparing those events.

The magnitude and positive impact of this network depends on you and on the added value that you personally will bring to it.

We propose you to adhere or renew your membership to the association.

In order to join AAF, click HERE.

As you know, the network depends on your active participation. We are counting on you to make 2013 another memorable year for the AIESEC Alumni network!

Thank you all in advance and our best wishes for the new year 2013.

On behalf of the AIESEC ALUMNI FRANCE Board,

Christian COCHARD, President.

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