Alumni Creative LAB – How to question status quo?

30th of May 2012 we organized the 2nd AIESEC Alumni Creative LAB. The topic of this meeting was to discuss and share different points of view on “How to question status quo?” Innovators like Steve Jobs became successful because of constant questioning of status quo and bringing answers to questions that others haven’t asked yet.

5 Alumni challenged the definition of status quo and tried to answer few key questions: WHAT is it? WHY we should question it? WHO should do it in the first place? WHEN and WHERE? These simple questions brought many different answers :-).

If you could not join us, but you would like to start questioning status quo, we have one simple method for you to try: WHAT IF questions! 

What if questions help you to imagine what if something would become a reality? (example: “What if AIESEC would not exist?) To try it out, simply start writing down ‘what if’ questions one after another. Once your paper is full, show these questions to someone and ask him/her to choose 1 or 2 questions that sound interesting and different! And then try to brainstorm together about possible answers. You will see how this simple exercise will unlock your imagination! 🙂

We look forward to see you all on the 3rd Alumni Creative LAB planned for Autumn 2012.

Your AAF Creativity & Innovation Club

Petronela Eviakova + Karim Zainuddin

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