Best Case Practices – AIESEC Alumni International Congress 2012

During the last day of AAI conference 2012 organized in Budapest, Alumni shared following Best Case Practices. These are only few examples of professional and social Alumni networking events existing in different countries but they are great inspiration for all AIESEC Alumni associations willing to try something new:

ALUMNI barbecue – informal social event organized in the garden of one of AIESEC Alumni, who would like to welcome Alumni friends in his/her house. Objective is to nurture and reinforce informal and friendly relationships with other Alumni by doing barbeque, eating well and having fun.


A-Groups – AGroups are AIESEC Alumni groups of 10 to 14 members who commit to meet 6-8 times a year in confidential discussions in support of each other, like a personal life-coach group or a personal Board of Directors for each member. Committed to continuing the AIESEC legacy of dynamic responsible leadership through empowering networks.

(website: )

Global 1st THIRSTday of the Month – social event gathering AIESEC members in every city around the world at the same time. Any Alumni in the city should know at which bar s/he can find AIESEC friends each 1st Thursday of the month.

(Facebook page: )

Alumni Business Clubs – professional meetings of Alumni around specific business thematic (e.g. International Business Development, Creativity & Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, etc…). Each Club is lead by 2 Alumni who are driving and organizing 3 events per year at minimum. Objective is to create networks of people interested in the same topics.

(example: )

We know there are many more examples all around the world, so don’t hesitate to contribute with descriptions of other events that Alumni enjoy organizing and attending.

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