3rd AIESEC Alumni café – IMAGINARIUM

AIESEC ALUMNI FRANCE is launching the 1st ALUMNI-IMAGINARIUM on Wednesday March 7 at 19:30 at Taverne du Croissant (146 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris) for all Alumni in Paris.

2 years ago in IBM Global survey, more than 1500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries cited creativity as single most important leadership competency for enterprises seeking a path through increasing complexity. But still today, most of the business leaders don’t foster creative thinking of their employees and don’t understand creative process! AIESECers, it’s time to imagine a change and make it happen…

“Game changing discussions of visionary people playing collective creativity.”

How do we make it?
–       20 visionary people with AIESEC soul
–       2 dynamic facilitators unleashing imagination of all
–       4 eggs with unusual and game-changing topic
–       22 large desires to learn in action “learning by creating”
–       1 creative technique
–       20 passionate hearts

Prepare calm and convivial place to gather 20 visionary people. Add 2 dynamic facilitators to accelerate the process. Preheat imagination and creative thinking of participants to 220°C by playing warm-up games. Mix together 5 individuals with the least things in common to make 4 creative teams. Beat game-changing eggs and learning desires in each team and fill the cooking paper with created substance. Add 1 creative technique and bake until ideas pull away from sides of each paper. When ready, use all hearts to extract the best game-changing solutions ready to be consumed.

Time of preparation: 2h

Chief cooks:
Petronela Eviakova (MCVP ICX France 2005/2006) and Karim Zainuddin (MCVP ER France 2005/2006), leaders of Creativity & Innovation Club at AIESEC ALUMNI FRANCE.

Cooks’ notes: The process needs to be done in 2 steps: first use divergent cooking focused on quantity and after convergent cooking to extract the best quality.

How to attend?
Subscribe via http://www.doodle.com/sbu22ghtqk7eeg7h (# of places limited to 20!)
Entry: free (participants pay only drinks or meals consumed)
There will be only 3 events of this kind organized by Creativity & Innovation Club in 2012.

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