Diary from AIESEC Alumni International Congress 2012

Many of you know that AAI Congress 2012 took place last week from 16th to 19th February in Hungary. Five representatives of AIESEC Alumni France attended this amazing event: Jean and Catherine Choplin, Arnould de la Boulaye, Kevin Vuaillat and myself (Petronela Eviakova). This was for me the first time to attend AIESEC Alumni International conference and I was amazed by many things and decided to share with you the key take aways.

Power of AIESEC global network – AAI 2012 was attended by approximately 75 alumni from 34 countries! (Excluding Hungarian Alumni who joined 1st Gala Dinner). It was an amazing diversity of cultures, generations and professionals. You could meet extraordinary people who founded AIESEC in France, UK, Canada, USA, Japan, Czechoslovakia, as well as those who were there at the first AAI congress in 1987, those who invented IPM, or those who launched or lead Alumni associations in many countries.

Finally at IPM! – In my AIESEC career of 7 years, I made all steps of AIESEC experience, but I was never MCP, so could not attend IPM. AAI Congress is organized 2-times per year simultaneously with AIESEC conferences: with IPM in February and with IC in August (next AAI will be held with IC 2012 in Moscow! We had an opportunity to attend PAI announcement session and it was truly inspiring moment. New elected PAI 2012-2013 is Florent Meiyi. He has to be an incredible person, because due to chickenpox he could not attend the conference so he made his speech via teleconference and won against 3 other candidates who were present in the room! (watch announcement VIDEO)

AIESECer for life 🙂 – In 2011 a project team, initially appointed by Victor Loewenstein (President of AIESEC Alumni International) and Hugo Pereira (2010-2011 President of AIESEC International), run a survey among all alumni to identify key priorities for our global network. More than 500 alumni answered and identified 3 key platforms of our association:

–       Alumni-to-Alumni

–       Alumni–AIESEC

–       Alumni-to-World

Steering team led by David Epstein (AAI Executive Board member and Chairman, AIESEC Life) developed a strategic proposal including 10 key initiatives. One of the key take aways is the necessity of rebranding AIESEC Alumni. By definition, ‘alumni’ refers to our past, therefore we need to create new services and a new brand describing our present! Simply said: “we are AIESECers for life!”, who we need to develop powerful network of professional AIESECers who continue making positive change. You can read more on this strategy at AIESEC Alumni Unite website and volunteer for various initiatives to be launched soon.

AAI Board 2012/2013 elected – alumni members elected new AAI Executive Board consisting of 6 gentlemen: David Epstein (US) – President, Hiro Kinashi (Japan), Sudeep Malhotra (India), Andrew Rowe (US), Lionel Simons (UK), and Bernd Thomas (Germany). All of them are incredible business people and passionate AIESECers and they will lead further development and the implementation of presented strategy.

AAI Congress 2012 will certainly enter into the history of AIESEC organization, because the key decisions has been made. Now it is up to us to make that history happen. 🙂  If you want to contribute to AIESEC ALUMNI France projects, let us know.

In the next article, you will find the most interesting Good Case Practices that Alumni shared at AAI Congress 2012.

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  1. Christian COCHARD February 25, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    Thank you very much Neli for sharing with all those who could not make it for the meeting the great results.

    We are looking forward to contributing to this team work in France and at the international level.

    Very best, Christian
    President of AIESEC Alumni France.


  2. Thank you Nela to share these great moments with us. Your presence together with other AA France participants allow us to better know AA International. I am ery grateful to all of you!


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