Extend your network and share your experience by joining AIESEC Alumni France

Dear friends,

You have been a large number of Alumni to join us on social networks and to contribute to our kick-off efforts in 2011; the strength and the efficiency of our network belong to you.

In June 2011, we signed the bylaws of the association and celebrated alumni for the first AIESEC France Hall of fame thanks to the AIESEC France team.

In July, September and November, we held three board meetings to define the proposed activities that we will share with you in 2012.

2012 will see the kick-off of these new activities that will consolidate the professional as well as social activities that we will develop with and for you.

At the end of this kick-off year, we come back to you with the launch of this blog to thank you for your encouragements.

We need your support by your presence in our events and by your personal implication in preparing those events. The magnitude of this network depends on you and on the added value that you personally will bring to it. This is what we call the AIESEC ALUMNI TRUST FACTOR.

We propose you adhere to the association by contacting our Secretary General Mr Karim ZAINUDDIN by email: karim@goodmorningcreativity.com and by paying your membership fee of 20 euros; thereby confirming your participation to the AIESEC ALUMNI network.

As you know, the network depends on your active participation.

We are counting on you to make 2012 a memorable year!

Thank you all in advance.


Christian COCHARD, President.

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  1. Hi Christian, will it be possible to pay in person at the AIESEC Alumni Café this Thursday?


    1. Yes for sure!
      very best, Christian


      1. Great =] See you tonight!

  2. Hi,

    I’m abroad (China), how can I pay the fees ?




    1. Dear Aurélie,

      We will be setting up an online payment procedure soon; you will be able to pay the membership fee by credit card.

      very best, Christian


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