GoodMorningCreativity, International startup award 2011!

GoodMorningCreativity has been nominated as the International Startup award winner at ISUM 2011.

In essence, what worked for your company in the past will not necessarily work in the future. Innovative companies improve constantly their way of doing business, because they know they should “Evolve or Disappear”. Today more than ever, the growth and prosperity of the company depends largely on its ability to generate a regular stream of new ideas, which can rapidly be turned into profitable innovation. This demands a change in mindset, introduction of imagination in the management practices and engagement of the entire organization in the constant creative adventure. GoodMorningCreativity is an international team of passionate people who inspire SME leaders and corporate executives to INNOVATE DIFFERENTLY!

Their approach combines creativity, leadership and organizational development in order to boost innovation capabilities. They start with discovering creative talents in your teams and developing their potential. They facilitate and organize various creative projects enabling your employees to innovate. They challenge traditional way of thinking and design processes that foster imagination. Finally, they transform corporate culture to make creativity the engine of your sustainable growth.

Yes, their approach is changing the rules of the game!

Congratulations to Ms Petronela Eviakova from Slovakia and Mr Karim Zainuddin from Madagascar who have demonstrated great progress since launching their startup. This is why they deserve the International Start-Up Award of year 2011.

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